EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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Cat Litter Pellets Help Better Manage Litter Odor

candice By candice 2023-01-13

What exactly is sawdust cat litter?

Wood pellet litter is usually made of pine and occasionally cedar. Pellets are made by first dehydrating wood at high temperatures and then compressing them into small pellets. These pellets are amazingly absorbent, which is part of the reason they work so well as cat litter. In most cases, they can absorb 4 to 7 times their own weight in fluid.

While there’s a lot to love about wood pellet waste, the fact that it doesn’t require any additives or chemicals is a big plus. Granules are made from natural ingredients and simply compressed under high pressure – no chemicals required.

Wood pellets come in many forms, and there are several options on the market designed specifically for use as cat litter. But some people also use wood fuel pellets for their cats.

How does it handle odors?

Wood pellets do a great job of dealing with most litter box odors!

First, they have a natural woody scent that can help mask bathroom odors. Most wood pellets are made from pine, so they have a mild pine scent that does a great job of keeping the box smelling fresh.

Some people worry that the smell of pine trees can act as a deterrent to certain cats. We know cats are sensitive to many smells, but pine isn’t usually one of them! Remember, your cat’s wild instincts are still there, and your feline friend won’t be afraid of a small pine tree!
Instead, they’re more likely to be uncomfortable with unnatural smells and artificial fragrances that are sometimes found in clay or caked-on litter. Not only do these smells do a good job of masking the smell, but they can also cause some kittens to avoid their litter boxes.

Second, wood pellets absorb cat urine very well. Because they’re made by compressing wood chips under very high pressure, the particles are compact and dense, which makes them act like tiny sponges.

When it comes to poop, there’s nothing any litter can do except mask the smell. Wood pellets do a good job at this, but it still needs to be scooped on a regular basis if you want the litter box area to smell as fresh as possible. You may also want to consider changing your cat’s food to help control foul stools.