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Do wood pellets for cat litter help reduce house dust?

k999 By k999 2023-02-06

Do wood pellets for cat litter help reduce house dust?

Friends who have raised cats know that the use of cat litter is a “necessity of life” for cat owners. However, in the daily use of cat litter, cats will always carry some cat litter dust on their bodies. When cats walk around the room, the cat litter dust in the hair will spread to every corner of the room with the movement. For rhinitis patients, or at home for those with children and elderly people, this will be a big change. At this time, I would recommend that you use cat litter wood pellets.

What are cat litter wood pellets?

Cat litter wood particles are made of pine wood chips, which are environmentally friendly cat litter products. By adding wood pulp, wheat by-products, etc. as adhesives, the wood chips are not easy to loosen, so there is very little dust in them. The water content is extremely low, which makes cat litter wood particles have strong water absorption, which is 2-3 times that of ordinary cat litter.

Do wood pellets for cat litter help reduce house dust?

When using cat litter wood particles, the cat litter wood particles will expand rapidly after encountering liquid and dry within seconds. Saturated wood particles will be crushed into small particles with a diameter of 1mm, instead of the debris of ordinary cat litter. According to the principle of up and down convection of large and small particles, after knocking or shaking the cat litter box, the used small particles will sink. Unused large grains go up waiting to be used. At the same time, because the small particles are heavy and are pressed by the large particles at the bottom of the litter box, even when the cats are walking around indoors or the fan air conditioner is used indoors, the small particles will not float indoors like dust , greatly reducing the dust brought by cat litter in cat families.

Under normal circumstances, the impact of dust on cats is relatively small, but for some cats with sensitive noses, the dust brought by ordinary cat litter is undoubtedly a potential danger to them.

In addition, the cat litter wood particles are made of natural pine wood. The pine wood itself has strong deodorization properties. After compression, the deodorization performance is enhanced. With fragrance, it can better cover up the smell and also make the indoor air fresh.

Try using Cat Litter Wood Pellets, which can bring you and your cat a better life experience.