EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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Picking The Perfect Pellet

candice By candice 2023-01-12
You’re thinking of giving up cutting, splitting, and hauling lumber. But what in the world is a particle? Can you get just the right amount of heat and an equally satisfying outdoor feeling? Is it really easier (and maybe even better for the environment)? The simple answer is: yes, yes, yes. For more information on how to pick the perfect grain (it’s not hard!), read on.

What are wood pellets?

Pellets are held together with a naturally occurring glue, called lignin, that is produced by the wood when it is compressed.

Pellets are also:

  • Clean-burning
  • Renewable
  • Cost-stable for home heating

Why is pellet quality important?

Higher quality pellets means less work: less ash cleaning and an overall cleaner stove. The source of wood determines the quality of the pellets. Wood absorbs minerals from the ground it grows in. Hardwoods are strong because of the minerals in the soil. Cork grows in soils that are low in mineral density. Softwood pellets contain less ash than hardwood pellets.
Cork pellets are often given the super premium designation. When you burn ultra-premium cork pellets, you clean your stove approximately every two weeks. In contrast, if you burn utility pellets, you’ll need to clean your stove every four days. They both burn at the same rate, it’s just a matter of leaving more ash to clean up.

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