EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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The relationship between BBQ and BBQ wood pellets

k999 By k999 2023-02-20

I believe that what you most want to do when you are with your family during the holidays is to barbecue,a group of people gather around the oven to bake the food in their hands. Then everyone should have had the experience of being unable to open their eyes because of the smoke from the barbecue. You don’t have to suffer from smoke if you want to eat delicious barbecue. Want to hear my thoughts on how we can use BBQ pellets wood pellets instead of BBQ charcoal while grilling.

Some people must be wondering, what are BBQ pellets wood pellets?

BBQ pellets wood pellets are a fuel mainly used for grilling, sometimes also called cooking pellets or smoke pellets. The exact ingredients in BBQ pellets wood pellets depend on the brand and type. Most are made of hardwoods such as applewood, cherry, oak, etc. In the production process of BBQ pellets wood pellets, through wood extrusion and cutting, the original wood flavor is retained while reducing the moisture in the wood, so that the BBQ pellets wood pellets can be fully burned and at the same time add wood flavor to the food being baked. unique flavor. At the same time, when the BBQ pellets wood pellets are produced, no chemical binders or other artificial flavors are added to maintain the uniqueness of the BBQ pellets wood pellets.

The relationship between barbecue and barbecue wood pellets

Compared with traditional barbecue charcoal, the combustion efficiency of BBQ pellets wood pellets is more than 80%, and the combustion efficiency is high. During the barbecue process, the food can be cooked faster; at the same time, its combustion produces less sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen compounds and dust, which means , we will no longer have the experience of eyes being blinded by smoke during the barbecue. Furthermore,BBQ pellets wood pellets are clean and renewable fuels, which can reduce dependence on fossil fuels and will not pollute the environment. Finally, when we use traditional barbecue charcoal, there will always be burnt ash sticking to the food, but the BBQ pellets wood pellets have a very high combustion rate, so that there is very little ash left after burning itself, avoiding ash sticking to the food situation.

By using BBQ pellets wood pellets with different flavors, we can add different flavors when grilling food, experience the collision and cooperation between different flavors and food, and bring a different barbecue experience. Enjoy your delicatessen even more with EcoPellets Tasmania BBQ Pellets.