EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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Advantages of Using Equine Bedding wood pellets

k999 By k999 2023-02-26

In animal breeding, we provide cat litter wood pellets to improve the quality of life of cats and owners. Then, when faced with horses that are many times larger than cats, we can also provide more advantageous equine bedding wood pellets, so that the daily feeding and care of horses and owners is more convenient.

In the feeding and nursing of horses in the past, owners often used straw and shavings as bedding in the stable. But use straw and shavings, but their disadvantages are also obvious. Straw has poor water absorption and more dust. If the straw is eaten by the horse, it may cause discomfort; the shavings are easy to accumulate dust, and there will be spiders in the stable after a long time net. Moreover, if the straw and shavings are thick, it is not easy to clean the stable; if the horse bedding is thin, if it is used for a long time, it will cause the mucous sac of the horse’s legs to be compressed and cause inflammation. In severe cases, exudate will form. A spherical sac. So why don’t we use more advantageous equine bedding wood pellets?

Why is wood pellets pellet fuel a product of sustainable development?

Equnie bedding wood pellets are products made from sawdust left after cutting or sawing wood. The raw materials are all natural materials such as wood chips, palm tree or coconut fiber. Using wood pellets as equine bedding will not make the horse feel foreign body and repel it into the stable. At the same time, wood chips have super water absorption, can absorb 3-4 times more liquid than itself, and will not stick to the horse’s body after absorption. And compared with the traditional horse bedding of straw and shavings, it is easier to store, occupies a small area, and carries less dust, which reduces the occurrence of horse eye and respiratory diseases caused by horses eating by mistake and dust. It is also very convenient to clean the stables after the horses are discharged from the hospital. After the wood pellets have absorbed the feces, the place just needs to be cleaned up. No additional rinsing or other chemicals are required for cleaning, which is convenient for the owner’s daily feeding and care.

It is the best decision for owners to choose wood pellets with more advantages in use as bedding, which not only allows the horses to have a comfortable living environment, but also facilitates the care of the owners.