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How to Set Up a pellet stove | Australian Wood Pellets Supplier

candice By candice 2021-11-25

Pellet stove are a great feature of any home or building. They are eco-friendly and can help save money on energy. Wood pellets are made from recycled wood shavings and provide a reliable source of heat and energy for homes and commercial buildings. The stoves are a convenient way to burn wood pellets in a safe and effective way inside. So how do you go about setting one up?

Step 1 – Pellet Stove Installation

Wood pellet stoves work best in open homes, where the stove can effectively distribute heat in more areas. If you close the room, the stove may only be able to heat a specific room without a distribution method. Ducted air heating systems can help distribute heat to different rooms.

This distribution of air relates to an important first step of installing a wood pellet stove, and that’s the location and position. You want to pick an area that will provide the most functional use for you. Living rooms are the most popular room to locate a pellet stove. Most people tend to locate them on the bottom floor of a property too.

The location of the stove needs to take into account the surrounding areas and ensure there is sufficient ventilation and accessibility.

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Adequate ventilation is important for the efficient operation of wood pellet stoves. Although pellet stoves produce almost no visible smoke, they produce exhaust gas, fine ash, and water vapor. These by-products must be safely transferred outdoors to ensure that they do not accumulate in houses or buildings.

Different models and manufacturers of stoves deal with combustion by-products in different ways. Some will have built-in fans, which will make the air flow required for combustion and the flow of combustion by-products more efficient.

The fixed wood pellet stove vent is the most technical part of the installation and should be carried out by professionals. You may find that the installation of the ventilation system affects the location of the pellet stove. This is why many stoves are located very close to the outer wall.

Protect the floor

The stove can be heavy, so you need to make sure the floor is protected. Each manufacturer will provide slightly different recommendations based on the model, so please check the instructions first.

Some stoves require specific requirements, while others may provide more integrated solutions that require no additional attention. Some may require additional layers of protection, such as the air space between the equipment and the floor protector.

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Once you’ve got the pellet stove up and running, you may want to consider buying wood pellets in bulk.

When you have everything ready, you just need to load wood pellets on the stove and start using it. Add your particles into small clusters, let them pass through the system, and add small balls according to the heating range requirements. Different furnaces have slightly different start/stop procedures, but they are usually very simple.

Step 3-Regular maintenance and inspection

It is recommended to check the pellet furnace regularly. Check whether the hopper (the area where the particles are loaded) is blocked before putting in the particles each time. According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, cleaning is only required every 5-6 times of use.

To clean it, simply use a brush and ensure there is no build-up of debris or ash. The main areas to check and clean are:

  • Hopper – wipe away any debris
  • Burn Pot – remove any build-up of debris
  • Ash traps – remove any ash
  • Glass – wash and clean the clear glass

You’ll also want to give the whole system, including stove and venting pipes a full service every year to ensure everything is in working order.