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Australian wood pellets storage guidelines

candice By candice 2021-09-30

The survival time for your wood pellets largely depends on the way you store them. The exact shelf life of a wood pellets depends on the brand that you are using. If you want long-lasting wood pellets, then ensure that you get the best wood pellets. Usually, these pellets would last for 1-3 months if placed in high humidity conditions.

However, if you store your wood pellets properly, then you are able to prolong their shelf life. With proper wood pellets storage, you will be able to keep them for more than six months of use. During this time period, you need to ensure that the pellets are not exposed to any kind of moisture or humidity.

Improper storage may cause wood pellets damp and crack, lower their quality and burning effect, so as to induce economic losses. So we need to learn the right way to store wood pellets.

  1. As the wood pellets are easy to get damp and loose in wet environment, we’d better pack wood pellets in damp-proof bags. If the bags are not damp proof, you must store them in dry places.
  2. Keep the storage room dry (moisture content less than 10%) and ventilated. Put the wood pellets bags on panels or cardboards to prevent their direct contact with the ground.
  3. In high humidity area, you need to install ventilation and dehumidifying equipment in the storeroom.
  4. Wood pellets are easy to burn. Keep the wood pellets away from fire, like stoves. Check the potential safety hazard regularly. Prevent children playing with fire near the wood pellets.
  5. Don’t place wood pellets in the open air, or you need to move them to indoors in rainy days. Besides, the package bags may be damaged by weathering outdoors.
  6. If you have to place the wood pellets outdoors. You must place them in dry places and build a shed or shelter. Inspect the package bags and mend all cracks and holes. Cover the wood pellet bags with water-proof cloth, and fasten it securely.

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