EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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Wood Pellet Information For Australians

Cindy By Cindy 2022-09-14

Biomass Heating Australia

EcoPellets Tasmania was established with the environment in mind and uses waste products to heat your home with the final cost and the environment in mind.

  • Our manufacturer is a high-tech enterprise focusing on professional R&D and sales of energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Low energy uses biomass energy to generate high heat. We are made from 100% softwood, 100% hardwood and a 50/50 blend.
  • Low carbon economy in the bio-heating energy sector, switching to pellet heaters helps reduce greenhouse GCS. This can be achieved by switching from fossil fuels to renewable, low net carbon fuels, pellets (pellet heaters) or briquettes (log heaters).
  • Low-cost fuel that saves our customers a lot of money, keeps local energy bills in check, and uses 100% Australian hardwoods that burn longer and provide higher heat.
The most important thing is to make better use of our wood waste products for heating and energy.
In addition, using this biomass energy is carbon neutral—because the carbon dioxide they emit when they burn replaces the carbon dioxide that trees naturally emit through the combustion or decay process.

We also guarantee that our wood pellets are made from 100% natural wood sawdust produced at our sawmills in Australia.

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