EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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Why do people use wood pellets as fuel? Is it really so good?

Cindy By Cindy 2022-06-14

Why do people use wood pellets as fuel? Is it really so good?

In recent years, more and more families in developed countries have begun to choose wood pellets as combustion raw materials for home heating and barbecue charcoal. One of the reasons behind this phenomenon is that comparing with other traditional fuels, wood pellets have more advantages. Now we will discuss its advantages in detail.

Firstly, wood pellets are more friendly to the environment. Since the 20th century, global carbon dioxide levels have increased dramatically, and news of global warming has been more and more common. Global warming has led to faster melting of glaciers at the poles, which is not a good thing for the entire ecosystem. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to protecting the environment, focusing on energy conservation and emission reduction. Wood pellets replace oil as fuel to provide energy for human daily heating, reducing carbon dioxide content in the air and alleviating environmental pollution problems.

Since there are no chemicals such as chemical binder additives or artificial flavors in them, wood pellets are also very safe as fuel for people’s kitchens. Moreover, because the wood pellets of Eco Pellets come in four flavors of apple, cherry, charcoal and whisky, they can add flavors unique to Tasmania to a variety of meats, vegetables and other foods when burned.

To sum up, there is no doubt that wood pellets are really a very good fuel. If you are going to burn, wood pellets are easy to control and produce more heat efficiently (at a higher temperature) than logs.