EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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Why choose wood pellets vs other sources of energy

candice By candice 2021-12-16

There are many reasons why you might choose a wood pellets burning stove or appliance to heat your home. Burning wood pellets can be a better option than other sources of energy. In many cases, wood pellets are a more eco-friendly and cost effective option than other heating sources. Other reasons you might choose wood pellets over other heating options include:

Easy maintenance. You’ll find that a 15kg bag of EcoPellets Tasmania’s premium wood pellets contain less than 0.7 percent ash. This means our pellets are clean burning, which means less cleaning and maintenance for you.

More heat for less money. Wood pellets provide a steady source of heat with a low level of emissions. Additionally, when used in stoves, boilers or furnaces, pellets provide the same heat as other sources for less money. Even when compared to other biomass fuels, wood pellets provide a clean burn and steady, even heat.

Value. When compared to cordwood or natural gas heat, you’ll find that wood pellets are a much better value. A 1 ton pallet of EcoPellets Tasmania’s wood pellets has the heating value of approximately 1.5 cords of wood.

Easy to store. Not only do wood pellets have a high heating value, they are also easy to store. A 1 ton pallet of wood pellets stores in about ⅓ of the space required to store a cord of wood. This makes wood pellets an easy-to-use heating solutions.

Simplicity of use. Pellers burn cleanly and are efficient. Minimal soot and smoke are produced. Exhaust isn’t hot, so a masonry chimney isn’t required for use. Pellet stoves can be installed in almost any room in the house. Pellet furnaces and boilers can replace or work alongside your existing heating system.

Easy to plan. Unlike oil, pellet fuel cost doesn’t fluctuate. Cost of wood pellets doesn’t change based on world events. This means consumers don’t have to deal with unpredictable heating costs. Biomass energy has a stable price.

Additionally, wood pellets are an eco friendly heating solution. Wood pellets are:

Recycled. EcoPellets Tasmania makes wood pellets from raw materials from internationally approved plantations. This creates a renewable energy source that prevents waste from going to landfills.

Clean burning. According to information from the Environmental Protection agency, wood energy pellets are the cleanest burning solid fuel available. Because wood pellets are a renewable, clean burning energy source, little carbon is produced especially when compared to fossil fuels.

Additional Uses for Wood Pellets

Unlike other sources of energy, wood pellets have other applications. You might find other applications for wood pellets around your home.

Pellet Ash

Did you know you can use the ash from your pellet burn in your garden? Pellet ash can be added to your garden soil in the spring or year-round and provides nutrients for the soil. Pellet ash contains potassium and lime, and can help neutralize your soil. To use pellet ash to fertilize your garden, simply collect the ash from your stove or appliance’s bin and apply it to the base of your plants.

You can also use pellet ash in your compost. Pellet ash can neutralize the pH level of your compost pile. A more neutral pile can help promote decomposition.

Cat Litter

Wood pellets are a great alternative to traditional clay cat litter. You can use wood pellets made for animal bedding. EcoPellets Tasmania’s wood pellets are not chemically treated. This means our pellets are 100 percent natural and safe for your pet. Wood pellets absorb moisture and turn into sawdust when wet. This makes it easy to remove soiled pellets. Once removed from the box, soiled pellets can be added to your compost pile and disposed of naturally.

Animal Bedding

Many animal owners choose to use wood pellets in their animal habitats. You can buy special wood pellets made for animal bedding. These pellets absorb moisture in stalls and provide comfort and footing for your animal. You can use wood pellets as animal bedding in two ways: whole or moistened. Unlike wood shavings, straw and sawdust, animal bedding pellets won’t stick to fur, blankets and other bedding. Additionally, the low-dust formulation reduces the amount of particulate matter in the air to help avoid respiratory problems sometimes caused by breathing in fine particles.