EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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Why Can Wood Pellets Be Efficient?

Cindy By Cindy 2022-11-25

Are you looking for a green and efficient way to heat your home, business or commercial premises? Find out how wood pellets can provide energy efficient and simple solutions to your heating needs. Wood pellet fuel can be an efficient heat source in your home. Burning wood pellets can help you save on heating bills, fill your home with warmth, and help you enjoy the cooler months.

What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets are a heating fuel made from compressed wood fibers. These pellets are burned in pellet stoves, boilers and furnaces. Wood pellets can be burned to heat homes, businesses and commercial premises.

Wood pellets are considered a biomass product. This means they are a growing source of renewable energy. Examples of biomass fuels include wood energy pellets, wood chips, rope wood, paper, and agricultural by-products for energy.

How pellet stoves provide efficient energy?

Pellet stoves burn wood pellet fuel to provide highly efficient energy. Using wood pellets to heat your home or business can:

  • Save on your heating bills, according to PFI.
  • Reduce carbon footprint and reduce environmental impact.
  • Giving you a cost-effective and cleaner alternative to heating with rope wood, propane or oil.
  • Burning wood pellets as a heat source reduces the need for fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and propane.

Our premium pellet fuel burns cleanly and efficiently. Wood pellets are the cleanest burning solid fuel available to consumers today. Wood pellets contain very little water and ash. This means they provide a clean burn, producing the heat your home or business needs. Wood pellets provide approximately 9,000 BTU/lb. This means that pellets are an efficient heating option. The high-efficiency wood pellet stove has a combustion rate of about 95%. Wood pellets are an effective option compared to cord wood that burns 70% to 80%.

Ready to get started with efficient wood pellets?

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