EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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Pellets For Residential Heating

candice By candice 2022-12-30

There are many ways to soundproof your home. At a time when clean energy is a priority, pellets for residential heating are your perfect solution. Residential heating pellets are the product chosen by many customers in the market. The product has some interesting features and has attracted many customers. Let’s find out in this article.

Why use pellets for residential heating?

Pellets for residential heating are a clean source of energy. It is a perfect replacement for the fossil fuels currently used. What good is it? Please follow us.


  • 100% natural wood sawdust
  • Very low moisture (as low as 6.9%)
  • Very high heating value (up to 20.2 MJ/kg – dry basis)
  • CO2 – neutral
  • No chemical binders or additives
  • Extended burn time
  • Environmentally friendly & renewable energy source

Points to note when using pellets for residential heating

Besides, how to use the product or is the product good quality? It is also a good thing to save the product for long-term use.
Since it is mainly made of wood, it is inevitable that there will be bugs who like each other, or like to eat wood. Therefore, we need to develop the habit of closing the particle bag after use. Or maybe keep it in a cupboard to keep those critters out.

While it is not a very large product, bags containing wood pellets are usually quite large. Wood pellets for residential heating are usually used in winter or autumn. In cold weather, customers often go out. They buy this product in bulk so they can limit going out. We need a spacious and airy place. Avoid placing objects on top of the wood pellets, as they may crumble. The quality will be greatly reduced.

You need to pay attention to the temperature and humidity where you place the pellets. Know that it is carefully wrapped in packaging to limit environmental impact. Be careful though, we should keep them in a medium temperature place, not too hot or too cold. And that place must be characterized by low humidity.
During use, we need to pay attention to the ash in the system. Trash cans should always be empty. When using less, we have to empty the ash bucket every three to five days. Wood ash is a product that contains many natural minerals and can be easily spread over trees or the surrounding area.

Buy pellets for home heating with EcoPellets Tasmania?

You need an address to buy pellets for residential heating. Come to EcoPellets Tasmania. Here we always update wood pellet products from world famous manufacturers. Customers don’t have to worry about product shortages or poor quality. With abundant supply, we are confident to always bring various products to our customers. Customers can freely choose according to their needs.