EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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candice By candice 2021-11-17

EcoPellets Tasmania are one of the biggest Tasmania local suppliers in providing high-quality, Provide high-quality environmentally friendly wood pellets made from plantation wood. our wood pellets high quality heating pellets are purposefully designed to produce little smoke; lower ash and make less of an impact on the environment

Made in Tasmania, these pellets burn hotter & longer than firewood, with minimal ash to clean up. only uses raw materials from internationally approved plantations to ensure environmentally sustainable forest management. We offer 15kg bags and bulk orders. we can deliver across Eastern Australia at Ex-factory price from our factory in Tanimaria. Our wood pellets products can also be purchased through retail stores.

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  • 100% natural wood sawdust
  • Very low moisture (as low as 6.9%)
  • Very high heating value (up to 20.2 MJ/kg – dry basis)
  • CO2 – neutral
  • No chemical binders or additives
  • Extended burn time
  • Environmentally friendly & renewable energy source

15KG per bag and the size is 600*300*100(mm)
Moisture Content: 6% – 8%
Diameter: 6mm

Use of our Pellets
Energy (Replace Coal)
Heating (Pellet Heaters)
Boilers (Pellet Boilers)
Biomass Energy Source.
Home Heating

EcoPellets Pellet Fuel has a high combustion efficiency and low ash to ensure a clean burn with high heat. They can be used in heaters made specifically for wood pellets, or in traditional fireplaces with a pellet basket or holder. Pellet Fuel’s high combustion efficiency also makes them perfect for a wood pellets based Hydronic heating system. EcoPellets Pellet Fuel is a premium quality wood pellets product, creating great value for money compared to other heating methods.

Our pellets include 100% softwood, 100% hardwood, 50/50 blend.