EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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Why Should You Use Wood Pellets?

candice By candice 2022-10-24
Wind and solar are green ways to bring electricity into your home. When it comes to heating your home, you may find few options come close to a green boiler or furnace.

Today’s wood pellet stoves are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. More and more Australian homeowners are choosing to use wood pellets for heating. Compared to petroleum or propane, there are many cost savings per year.

EcoPellets Tasmania wood pellets from Australia contain very little moisture, so they are able to burn with very little ash. This reduces carbon emissions. Wood pellets provide 9,000 BTUs per pound, making them an energy-efficient fuel for heating your home or business. Today’s high-efficiency wood pellet boilers and stoves burn wood pellets at a burn rate of nearly 95 percent. Cord wood and other wood products burn at 70% to 80% burn rate. This makes wood pellets a green and efficient option. 1 ton of wood  pellets is equivalent to approximately 3 barrels of fuel oil (Energy Information Administration).

The carbon footprint of wood pellets is very small. Wood absorbs as much carbon as it grows as it releases when it burns. By recycling wood pellets, the need for newly harvested wood fiber is reduced. Existing forests are able to mature longer and absorb more fossil fuel carbon over their life cycle.

EcoPellets Tasmania makes wood pellets from shipping pallets that are no longer useful. This makes our pellets a source of renewable energy. The particulate material comes from discarded, untreated wooden shipping pellets. From there, the wood is broken down into sawdust, which is then pelletized under high pressure and heat to make wood pellet fuel. Because the sawdust particles are dense and have very little water content, wood burning pellets burn efficiently and cleanly.

Wood pellets are also more cost-effective than using cordwood or wood chips for heating. Because they are compressed wood fibers and sold in 15kg bags, wood pellets may cost less to handle and transport. Generally, wood pellets have lower distribution costs than wood chips.

Additionally, our pellets meet/exceed Australia’s standard for premium pellets. Granules are tested by third-party labs to ensure premium labels have been obtained. This means that third-party testing proves that our wood pellets have a high calorific value, with a moisture content of less than 6.9% and an ash content of less than 1%.

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Those looking to heat their home, business premises or commercial enterprise in an environmentally friendly way will find wood pellets an easy, green solution. Wood pellets are a clean-burning, versatile and sustainable method of heating. EcoPellets Tasmania produces high quality recycled wood pellets that can be used to fuel pellet stoves and more. Learn more about our wood pellets or place an order today. Contact us on +61 (3) 6380 0055 to start using our wood pellets today.