EcoPellets Tasmania began manufacturing wood pellets in 2019 after seeing the amount of timber waste being produced from plantation timber in Tasmania.

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100% biomass wood pellets, Australian Made in Tasmania

candice By candice 2021-10-13

Wood pellets is the most widely used biomass fuel with high calorific value, and its popularity continues to grow all over the world. Last year alone, an estimated 16.5 million tons of wood pellets were used worldwide. This number is also growing as people realize the importance of clean and sustainable energy.

Wood for the manufacture of  wood pellets comes from sustainable sources and is produced without harmful additives. Wood pellets fuels are considered neutral, which means that as part of the cycle, they do not increase greenhouse gas emissions. As trees grow, they will absorb greenhouse gas emissions. When trees burn, they will release stored trees, forming a balanced and sustainable cycle.

Wood Pellets

If you buy wood pellets in the market, you will find that all wood pellets are not consistent. The market is full of many inferior biomass fuel products. Some major disadvantages include lower calorific value, toxic or contaminant, resulting in dirty odor emissions. This is attributed to the widespread use of cheap raw materials and the processing of substandard biomass materials, resulting in the production of low-quality products. Low quality biomass fuel products not only cause financial losses of the company, but also cause environmental pollution and damage to personal health.

As a reputable wood pellets suppliers, all our products will pass the professional inspection of the internal quality management department. The wood pellets produced by ecopelletstasmania are 100% organic, odorless, sterile, insect free, sediment free, amonia free and low humidity. Through excellent production technology, while increasing its calorific value, it greatly reduces its ash content, so as to achieve the benefits of environmental protection and cost saving.

The high calorific value and other data of ecopelletstasmania wood pellets have also been tested, verified and certified in an independent laboratory. The test is carried out by SGS, the most well-known inspection and test service organization in the industry.

As a recognized wood pellets suppliers in Australia, all products are controlled by our quality control team. Ecopelletstasmania’s wood granule products are guaranteed to be 100% organic and free of odor, bacteria, excess water, fungi, bacteria, diseases, insects, sludge and ammonia. Use ecopelletstasmania’s enhanced biomass wood pellets class to improve energy output. Through development and manufacture, our wood pellets can produce extremely low ash content, which helps to provide the best thermal efficiency, reduce costs and improve energy production.